Shredding Tips & Tricks

My girlfriend recently asked me for some quick shredding tips and I thought I would share them on the blog with you all. Whether you have an upcoming event, date night or photo shoot, these tips and tricks are sure to get you in your best shape in the quickest amount of time.


Shredding Tips & Tricks

This seems like a no brainer but eat as clean as possible. This means: no wheat, dairy or alcohol. I would also cut out meat, nuts and beans for digestive reasons if you want to be super strict.

Cut out ALL salty food that is not naturally salty. For example, you could eat smoked salmon which has a naturally salty taste, but you shouldn’t be eating anything processed like salty chips or sodium-filled soups. basically everything processed has a TON of salt so stick to only natural foods.

Drink as much water/green tea as possible (i.e. Pee as much as possible and flush everything out!)

Drink hot lemon water a few days before and the day of (Directions:

Incorporate HIIT workouts in to speed up your metabolism, look up some on YouTube and try for 30 minutes a day if possible. You want to get your heart rate up and tone your body as much as possible.

shredding tips
 These are my top Shredding Tips & Tricks, anything that I missed? Share your comments below on any that you use and love. Have a great weekend!
xx, Beth

The Happiness Project.

For the past few months I have been carrying a very heavy weight around with me that has been dimming my usual happy spirit. A close family member of mine struggles with bipolar depression and this illness has become my main worry, the theme of my prayers and essentially my enemy. My goal in life is to help this person triumph over this illness and achieve happiness, but in trying to help so hard I have put a lot of strain on my own happiness in the process. Sometimes I even feel guilty for how happy I feel because they cannot feel the same way. This issue has been effecting my family for a long time and I have learned over the years that this is not something that can easily be fixed, which is heartbreaking as I am a fixer and want to make everything a fairytale. Accepting that everything can’t be perfect is like accepting defeat at this point, which breaks my heart, but I always hold out hope and have faith that this person can come back from depression and be better than ever before.

we carry these things inside us

I truly believe that by leading a healthy lifestyle you can gain control of your happiness. I don’t just mean working out and eating clean to be healthy, I mean keeping a healthy mind and spirit as well which requires activley practicing mental exercises. I am not saying that being healthy will cure depression, but I am saying it can make it less painful to live with. In my effort to help this person on their path to happiness and wellness I realized that I need to be more mindful of my own state of mind as well, so I have launched The Happiness Project as a personal project for myself to ensure I am not drowned out at sea carrying this weight. If you are also carrying a weight through life I hope you too can benefit from this personal project and/or share it with someone you know who is struggling with their happiness. Read more on The Happiness Project after the jump…

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Haute Healthy x Coola Suncare.

The more I become interested in what I put in my body, the more I think about what I put on it. Especially when protecting my face from the sun since I am naturally very fair and burn easily. I have always had a love/hate relationship with sunscreen, never really finding one I liked or one that didn’t bother my skin…until I found COOLA, thanks to the Tone It Up girls! COOLA uses ingredients that are organic, sustainable and locally sourced and each of their products protect and nourish your skin with vitamins, natural-protectors and age-defying antioxidants. COOLA sun care products are up to 97% certified organic and are manufactured using solar power – they protect from the sun using the power of the sun – pretty amazing if you ask me! I was lucky enough to test a bunch of their products and I wanted to share my thoughts on them, so check out the COOLA products I have been using to protect the skin I’m in.

COOLA organic sunscreen_haute + healthy

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Haute Healthy x Vitacost.

Since we still don’t have a Trader Joe’s yet (kill me) I have to shop online to get deals on health and nutrition products. Recently, I found out about through Instagram and you wouldn’t believe the prices they offer on tons of your favorite health items. I’m talking like $2 for almond milk and $7 for chia seeds. From beauty products, to food, oils and vitamins, Vitacost has everything you can possibly think of for a fraction of the cost you would get it at a place like Whole Foods. For my first order I just wanted to get a few things to see how I would like everything. Well, I just got my order in and I am LOVING everything and couldn’t be happier. I have posted a link below for you to sign up at Vitacost and take $10 off your next order!

Vitacost order_haute and healthy

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Active Living in LoveSurf.

Based out of California, LoveSurf provides activewear to take you from the gym to the beach, seamlessly mixing fashion with function. From swim wear to gym wear, LoveSurf offers everything for an active lifestyle and the prices are actually affordable, which seems so hard to find these days. I was lucky enough to get to wear the LoveSurf Balance Capris and Inspire tank this weekend and let me tell you, I couldn’t take the Capris off! Basically, I lived in them for three days #noshame. The material of the Balance Capri is almost like a neoprene, they fit perfectly (I wear XS) and, unlike many capris I own, they don’t have to be adjusted while you are working out. The Inspire tank (I’m rocking a Small) is a little long on me since I am a shortie, but I actually loved that about it because I could tie it up in the back like a crop top in the gym, and the straps hang low enough to show off your sports bra. I can definitely see myself living in this tank and wearing it from Yoga class to the beach with some cut off shorts and a cute bralette or bikini underneath. Here’s how I lived an active lifestyle in my LoveSurf this weekend:

lovesurf capris tank_haute + healthy{planking in my Balance Capris & Inspire Tank}

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January Moments.

Since returning from the holidays and really dedicating myself to being clean and lean the past two weeks I feel like there has been a shift in my mind and body. I have more energy {thanks to my clean and lean diet}, am more toned overall {thanks bootcamp and Tone It Up!} and in general I am happier than ever. I believe that I am experiencing these results because I am fueling my body with clean food and getting in exercise every day, which in turn is making my mind clearer and my body leaner.

Along with eating clean and working out hard I think that constantly staying motivated is one of the most difficult challenges we face each day. Well, I have a solution for you: social media! I do not follow the Tone It Up diet {I just eat clean and lean in general} but I do participate in the Tone It Up workout challenges and I love following TIU teammates on Twitter and IG. If you are looking for some inspiration, search #tiuteam on IG and Twitter to check out all of the amazing TIU women around the world who will be sure to motivate you. I also love to follow fitness models like my favorite, Ellie Gonsalves {@ellie_gonsalves} so I have some fitspo to look at. Trust me, seeing her hot body on IG will make you get your butt in the gym! Be sure to follow me @hautehealthy and let’s stay motivated together. xx, Beth

IMG_7031{Sipping a Raw Juce Caribbean Chia smoothie for lunch}

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Things I Would Tell My Younger Self.

Today marks my 31st birthday and to put my past years in perspective I thought it would be fun to write a list of things I would tell my younger self. Now that I am in my 30’s (scary!) I don’t think I necessarily “know it all”, but I have definitely learned some life lessons along the way that I wish I was mature enough to realize when I was younger. So, here we go:

beth hannum_haute + healthy

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