Tips for Toned Abs.

Gone are the days of thinking that hundreds of crunches will get you flat abs, now you can get them with simple HIIT moves a few times a week plus lots of clean eating. Even though it has become a cliche statement on Pinterest, when they say “abs are made in the kitchen” they aren’t lying. Before I really jumped into eating clean and raw I always had a flat stomach, but I wouldn’t describe it as toned or defined. Now that I have embraced a clean lifestyle my abs finally have definition and I believe it is due to the lifestyle I have come to know as normal, which is: Clean Eating + HIIT Workouts 3 times a week. I do not work out every day, I do not do crunches every day; there are weekends I don’t work out at all – because I already did my HIIT workouts for the week and am eating so clean I don’t have to. Once I realized that you don’t need to be in the gym every night of the week it was like a lightbulb went off in my head. HIIT workouts are so intense and such short spurts of energy that you burn so much more than becoming a local gym rat and you have time for other things, like living. Get more information on HIIT and find out my other tips for toned abs below!

haute and healthy toned abs elizabeth hannum

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Weekly Workouts & Clean Eating Plan.

Now that the Tone It Up Love Your Body Series has ended I have been following my own plan during the week to stay in shape. It involves a lot of clean eating (get all my clean eating info here) and staying active every day, with one rest day a week. If you don’t already follow me on Instagram @hautehealthy you should check it out because I post a lot of my clean and lean meals on there that I don’t necessarily write about on here since they aren’t full recipes. For working out, I really love the Tone It Up HIIT workout where you get an overall cardio and toning workout in just 20 minutes at home for free (can’t beat that!). I combine that with my bootcamp class 2-3 times a week and then the days when I am not doing a HIIT workout I will take a long walk, do yoga or some toning exercises from Tone It Up. Personally, I really believe clean eating is more important than killing yourself in the gym for hours every day so I try to eat as clean as possible and incorporate HIIT a few times a week – this is what works best for me. Here are some clean and lean meals I ate this week and my weekly workout plan is listed out below.

haute healthy clean and lean{I am obsessed with mango/avocado/chia}

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Active Living in LoveSurf.

Based out of California, LoveSurf provides activewear to take you from the gym to the beach, seamlessly mixing fashion with function. From swim wear to gym wear, LoveSurf offers everything for an active lifestyle and the prices are actually affordable, which seems so hard to find these days. I was lucky enough to get to wear the LoveSurf Balance Capris and Inspire tank this weekend and let me tell you, I couldn’t take the Capris off! Basically, I lived in them for three days #noshame. The material of the Balance Capri is almost like a neoprene, they fit perfectly (I wear XS) and, unlike many capris I own, they don’t have to be adjusted while you are working out. The Inspire tank (I’m rocking a Small) is a little long on me since I am a shortie, but I actually loved that about it because I could tie it up in the back like a crop top in the gym, and the straps hang low enough to show off your sports bra. I can definitely see myself living in this tank and wearing it from Yoga class to the beach with some cut off shorts and a cute bralette or bikini underneath. Here’s how I lived an active lifestyle in my LoveSurf this weekend:

lovesurf capris tank_haute + healthy{planking in my Balance Capris & Inspire Tank}

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Haute & Healthy Valentine’s Day.

I am so excited today because it is the end of the Tone It Up Love Your Body Challenge and I have reached my 100 miles by Vday! The past six weeks have been fun and I really wouldn’t describe them as a “challenge” as much of a jumpstart into a healthy year. I think the hardest part of the challenge was constantly being prepared with healthy food, which requires planning, shopping frequently and resisting temptation (which I have gotten really good at). Now that clean eating has become second nature to me, it isn’t hard for me to make healthy choices because I honestly love to eat clean and lean. Not only am I physically more toned and lean after this challenge, but I feel great emotionally and mentally too which is so important in life. Good in, good out.

haute and healthy elizabeth hannum{hair heart}

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Current Crush: New Workout Wear.

haute + healthy workout clothes


I am always on the lookout for cute workout clothes and gear to liven up my gym routine and this roundup has it all. From neon sports bras and Nikes, to bright yoga mats and water bottles, every item I am currently crushing on is affordable (everything is under $100) and adorable. I am obsessed with the Green Juice Now, Champagne Later tee and the VS reversible leggings the come in a variety of colors and prints. What’s your favorite item?

x, Beth

My Top Haute + Healthy Tips.

elizabeth hannum_haute + healthy

Clean & Lean baby. Eating clean and lean is a lifestyle, not a diet. When I share what I eat on the blog on the daily, that is my “diet” I truly believe that what you eat is more important than working out every day. This isn’t saying you can’t have a cheat meal, but just have one meal a week – not an entire cheat day. I also believe strongly in the 80/20 rule – 80% eating clean and 20% enjoying not-so-clean things (that are still not that bad) like honey, dark chocolate, etc. I am a very much a perfectionist so when I do something I give 100% and can take things a little extreme, sometimes my bf has to remind me to veer off the perfect clean eating path so I make sure to plan my cheat meal each week. Sometimes, by the time I get to it I don’t really even want it anymore. I had always worked out, but it wasn’t until I started really incorporating clean eating that I started to see the results of my work in the gym.

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February Moments.

February is just flying by and I realized I haven’t blogged in much too long. Since the last time I posted I have stuck to my resolutions and have been doing bootcamp 2-3 times a week and the Tone It Up Love Your Body Challenge workouts on the days I don’t do bootcamp. I am so excited to have reached my 60 miles to #100byVday with mainly bootcamp and HIIT workouts, only 40 more miles to go by the 14th! I have also created a weird eating plan that combines Clean & Lean with Tone It Up’s Nutrition Eating plan, which means I have been eating A TON of protein pancakes! Another thing I have incorporated more this past month is making PerfectFit protein smoothies to have after bootcamp. How are all of you doing with your new year goals? Share with me in the comments below! Also, stay tuned for a new way to cook tofu coming up this week. x, B

elizabeth hannum_haute + healthy{Love Your Body selfie}

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