My Clean Eating Weekly Diary.

After a week of indulging here and there (not to mention eating my version of a Pop Tart for breakfast) I felt like I needed to get back on track this week with some serious clean eating. With my cousin graduating high school we had a celebratory dinner out that I knew would include lots of Italian food and alcohol so I accounted for that to be my cheat meal for the week. Everyday the only liquids I consume are water and Nespresso decaf coffee with almond milk, that is it. I try to drink half my body weight in water a day! Anyway, for those interested here is a peek into my weekly clean eating diary. I don’t always give measurements on fruit and veggies because I just eat enough of them until I am full so when I say blueberries or watermelon as a snack I might have eaten like 1/2 a watermelon depending how hungry I am.

clean eating raw 80 10 10_haute healthy{mango, avocado + chia salad with mixed greens and honey dressing}

Acai bowl with banana, strawberries & Purely Elizabeth granola
Banana (1)
Mixed greens with (1) mango, (1) avocado, chia seeds & honey as my dressing
Fruit Bowl: Apple, blueberries & strawberries
Blueberries before the gym
(1) Potato slices baked with Himalayan sea salt + Salad

(4) Protein Muffins
(1) Banana
Mixed greens with (1) mango, (1) avocado, chia seeds & honey as my dressing
(1) Apple and (2) Protein Muffins
Salmon with Himalayan salt + asparagus
Watermelon (tons!)

Fruit Bowl: Mango, strawberries & blueberries
Tomato + Avocado for snack
White bean veggie soup + all natural fruit smoothie with almond milk
Italian Dinner out + Rose (not clean!)

clean eating meals_haute healthy{I am obsessed with potatoes for dinner!}

Fresh squeezed orange juice
Bananas + Blueberries
(3) Eggs scrambled with avocado & fresh salsa
Lean steak with grilled peppers + sautéed spinach

(2) Bananas
(1) Apple

I am still working on my clean eating for today but I will come back and update the post so you can see how I finished out my clean eating week. Have a great holiday weekend!

xx, Beth


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