Suja Juice Fresh Start Cleanse Recap.

My friend and I decided to spice things up in our lives yesterday and try the Suja Juice 1 Day Fresh Start Cleanse on a whim. We were able to pick up all the juices at our local Whole Foods (well, she did) and we completed the cleanse during a work day together. We pretty much blacked out from healthiness on this juice cleanse. Here’s how it went:

Suja Juice Cleanse Recap_haute healthy

9am – Drank some warm water with lemon

9:30am – Cheers! We drank the GLOW green drink as our first juice of the day. We give it a hard 6.5; the apple flavor overrides the greens taste, but you are left with a slight lingering celery taste in your mouth. Feeling chilly (might be the office temperature) but hyper. Not hungry.

12:08pm – Really enjoying the FUEL drink. You can really taste the orange and turmeric in this one, personally liking it much better than GLOW.  (We give this a hard 8)

3pm – PURIFY also has a lingering celery taste to it. We give this one a 4; not our favorite flavor, but it isn’t bad tasting.

At this point we are feeling pretty full and not sure how we are going to drink all these juices! We have also been drinking water along the way and are wondering if that is contributing to our fullness.

4:10pm – My stomach is making all kinds of sounds now. We made ourselves drink FIJI which has a nice green apple flavor, but we rate this at celery. If celery were a rating. We have learned that many of the juices have a strong celery taste to them. We decided to split an avocado even though we aren’t really hungry, because avocados are good and we are bored.

5:06 – Feeling really sleepy right now. Not very hungry at all. Have peed like 12 times today.

6:00pm – While driving home from work my friend calls me to share how amazing the GREEN SUPREME tastes. I open mine up. We both agree it tastes similar to a green apple jolly rancher and give it a hard 9. Things are looking up!

8:00pm – End the night with the VANILLA CLOUD, feeling a little bit hungry out of habit but in general feel fine. Compared to all the celery tastes during the day we feel that GREEN SUPREME and VANILLA CLOUD both deserve a 9 on the scale and we fall asleep happy, not hangry.

beth hannum_fitness haute healthy

7:00pm – Snap a selfie of myself at the end to chronicle our juicing adventure on instagram of course.

This morning I woke up before my alarm went off, had energy all day and feel cleaner and leaner all around. I’m not sure if it’s the juice cleanse or just the mind playing tricks thinking you are from the juice cleanse but either way I feel good so who cares? We both agree we would do this juice cleanse again, but may not survive a full three day cleanse. We are also never eating celery again. Have you tried the Suja Juice Cleanse? Leave your comments on it below and share them with me! If you don’t know about Suja Juices, check out their website here.

xx, Beth


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