What I Ate.

Lately things have been so hectic that I have been eating the same things pretty much every day. Fruit and more fruit, tons of protein muffins and salads. I get stuck on foods and repeat them until I am sick of them and nobody wants to see a million pictures of the same protein muffins every morning, ha. So, nothing very exciting but I still wanted to share with you guys what I ate over the past week or so to help give ideas on clean eating. I found this great new farm to table restaurant in Boca that is amazing – Farmer’s Table Boca – they offer clean ingredients from local farms without all the excess crap you find in most restaurants. The outside seating area is adjacent to a hotel pool and makes for a very tropical and relaxing feel, perfect for work lunches to give you a nice break from the day. I plan on going back soon so I will report back with more yummy food.

haute + healthy elizabeth hannum copy

You can’t beat breakfast for dinner!

raw till 4 haute healthy

Kindof obsessed with watermelon + coconut flakes right now.

Rice paper veggie wrap recipe haute healthy

Rice paper veggie wraps with avocado. Yum. These came out ugly, but taste great! Will post recipe later.

Farmers Table Boca haute healthy

Farmer’s Table Boca Roasted Mushroom & Goat Cheese Flatbread with organic jasmine peach tea.

banana bowl haute + healthy

Banana Bowl, inspired by Loni Jane. Just blend a ton of bananas with almond milk, top with more banana, coconut flakes & cinnamon.

I hope you enjoy seeing all the healthy food I have been eating lately and that it inspires you to keep up your clean eating. I know sometimes it can be hard, especially around holidays, but that is why it becomes a lifestyle not a diet, which means you can still enjoy the bad stuff in moderation because you are eating so healthy for the most part. Have a great week!

xx, Beth


4 thoughts on “What I Ate.

  1. Very inspiring! No wonder you look as great as you do! Do you snack in between meals? Or does the meals keep you pretty full? I love how clean and fresh everything looks!

    • Thanks Holly! I snack a lot, sometimes I have figs, nuts or more fruit to fill me up but generally my meals are pretty filling. Like when I eat protein muffins I eat all 6 of them so they are pretty filling! xx, Beth

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