Haute Healthy x Sambazon Acai Smoothie Packs.

If you follow me on instagram you know of my serious acai obsession. I have it at least a few times a week either at home or my local juice bar Raw Juce which has the BEST acai bowls EVER. Ok, maybe not EVER but they are pretty damn good. So anyway, when my obsession began I first found the Sambazon acai powder on Vitacost (which really does last 30 servings btw); then I discovered the Sambazon acai smoothie packs at my local Whole Foods. While I would say they both have a similar flavor I like to use the smoothie packs more because they are individually separated and cold already, while the powder I have to mix overnight and have it cold for my morning breakfast. I have the acai smoothie/bowl about mastered and my preferred method of blending includes 1 banana, some almond milk and fresh berries for a more tart taste. There’s a reason the acai bowls that are made for you cost $10 a pop – because they are topped with tons of great healthy stuff that can be expensive. I order these toppings through Vitacost or get them at my local TJ Maxx or Marshalls – they always have great prices on tons of health foods! My favorite acai add ons are: chia seeds, hemp seeds, granola, coconut flakes and honey on top. How do you take your acai? x, Beth

Sambazon smoothie Haute healthy

sambazon smoothie pack_haute healthy


2 thoughts on “Haute Healthy x Sambazon Acai Smoothie Packs.

  1. Your blog actually introduced me to the whole acai idea! And I love it! I bought the powder from vitacost. I do a smoothie (cuz I’m always on the go!) almond milk, banana, frozen berries, flax, acai powder and of course topped with coconut flakes (as per your suggestion) delish! I also need to try the frozen packs!

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