Weekly Workouts & Clean Eating Plan.

Now that the Tone It Up Love Your Body Series has ended I have been following my own plan during the week to stay in shape. It involves a lot of clean eating (get all my clean eating info here) and staying active every day, with one rest day a week. If you don’t already follow me on Instagram @hautehealthy you should check it out because I post a lot of my clean and lean meals on there that I don’t necessarily write about on here since they aren’t full recipes. For working out, I really love the Tone It Up HIIT workout where you get an overall cardio and toning workout in just 20 minutes at home for free (can’t beat that!). I combine that with my bootcamp class 2-3 times a week and then the days when I am not doing a HIIT workout I will take a long walk, do yoga or some toning exercises from Tone It Up. Personally, I really believe clean eating is more important than killing yourself in the gym for hours every day so I try to eat as clean as possible and incorporate HIIT a few times a week – this is what works best for me. Here are some clean and lean meals I ate this week and my weekly workout plan is listed out below.

haute healthy clean and lean{I am obsessed with mango/avocado/chia}

haute + healthy clean eating{fresh fruit on skewers make eating clean more enjoyable}

haute + healthy elizabeth hannum{split an avocado in half, top with tomatoes and pepper}

elizabeth hannum haute + healthy{Lunch on the go at Whole Foods: Suja Juce Elements & Mango/Avocado/Tuna Rolls}

Weekly Workout Plan
Monday: 4 mile walk to the beach
Tuesday: TIU HIIT Workout
Wednesday: Bootcamp (1 hour of intense HIIT)
Thursday: TIU HIIT Workout & Total Body Toning
Friday: Bootcamp (1 hour of intense HIIT)
Saturday: Yoga
Sunday: Rest Day

I hope this provides an inside glance on clean eating ideas and some type of schedule for working out during the week. Every week is different and I am always changing things up, but just wanted to share what I am doing this past week. I always log everything I eat and all my workouts in my Lorna Jane Diary, it really helps me stay in check and motivates me on the weeks I feel like doing nothing but watching Real Housewives marathons. The Lorna Jane Diary is on sale for just $20, I highly recommend picking it up here!

xx, Beth


10 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts & Clean Eating Plan.

  1. You take such beautiful pictures of your yummy foods! I wish I could justify buying the LJ diary, but I already have a Kate Spade planner that I’ve become attached with. I would like to start logging my meals, though – just for reference and for accountability to myself. I love the TIU HIIT workout, it pairs so well with so many of their other videos, too!

    • Thank you! I am trying to take better pictures of the food I eat to share it with everyone. Yeah, the LJ diary is a bit expensive – I got mine as a gift, but it has been really useful to me. You can also use your normal planner to log what you eat, I also write on the days of the month in mine the workout I did that day, etc. It really helps keep you on track! Yeah TIU HIIT is where it’s at, love it. xx, Beth

  2. I need that LJD. If anything will inspire me to keep track of what I eat and my exercising, this diary is it. Your food looks super yummy! Mangoes and Avocados are always on my grocery list!

  3. That avocado, mango and chia seed bowl looks AH-MAZING. I am obsessed with avocado and mango and put chia seeds on everything, so I am definitely trying this out. Great idea!

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