Clean & Lean Grocery Shopping List.

Do you ever wonder what is in other fit people’s grocery carts? I do because stalking healthy people is basically my part time job soooo I thought I would share my healthy grocery list with you guys to help you navigate the grocery store. When I write out my lists I always group the foods together and in relation to the areas they are located at in my local store because 1) I am OCD organized and 2) the bf does most of the grocery shopping alone and this helps him out (if he remembers to take the list!). We do most of our grocery shopping at a local farmers market because they have the best prices on produce compared to your average chain, but they don’t always carry everything. I don’t have a Trader Joe’s nearby yet so, feel sad for me. Anyway, this is my clean and lean grocery shopping list for the week and it usually lasts the two of us about 5 days.

clean eating shopping list

Bananas (some ripe, some not yet ripe)
Fresh Pineapple

Sweet Potatoes
Bell Peppers
Salad Greens

Free Range Eggs
Almond Milk

Ezekiel Bread
Chopped Spinach

Nuts (Cashews are my favorite)

White Canellini Beans
Vegetable Stock
Black Beans

Skirt Steak/Chicken
Whatever else the bf wants…usually red meat.

haute healthy fridge

{my clean and lean fridge}

These are just the usual suspects, this list does not include any health items I buy on a discount at Vitacost, like chia seeds, acai powder, etc. Just wanted to give you a peak of what’s in my cart to help you be prepared to eat clean and lean for the week. Being prepared is such a big part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A few years ago I would drink on Sunday’s a lot (Sunday Funday!) and never did my shopping for the week and then everyday for lunch I would be running into a Publix to try to find something healthy. It would cost me more money this way and add more stress to my overall day. It is so much easier now to make healthy choices each day when I know what I have in my fridge, not to mention not being hungover on Mondays! xx, Beth


4 thoughts on “Clean & Lean Grocery Shopping List.

  1. Hi Beth!
    Have you ever tried the Bodyism products like the Berry Burn, Body Brilliance, or Serenity? I have been looking into them but I am hesitant to buy them because of the price. I would love to hear your input, I am such a fan of the blog!!


    • Hi Sarah! I have not tried the Bodyism products but I have heard good things about Body Brilliance. I would recommend Googling to see if anyone has reviewed them before purchasing for sure. I am so happy to hear you are a fan of the blog, feel free to email me with any posts you want to see! xx, Beth

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