Raw Till 4.

This week I have been seriously craving fruit and contemplating the 80/10/10 diet and/or Raw Till 4, which I pretty much already do anyway. Raw Till 4 is a movement where you eat raw foods until 4pm each day. This doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want after 4pm, this means you can eat some cooked foods after 4pm like beans, sweet potatoes, etc. The 80/10/10 diet has recently been made popular by Loni Jane after this controversial article was posted. The 80/10/10 diet is a vegan eating plan in which 80 percent of the calories come carbs (fruit and some veggies), 10 percent come from healthy fats (avocados, nuts & seeds), and the rest come from protein (however it is vegan so no meat for protein). I don’t want to be too strict or say “never” on anything, but lately I have been much more interested in these two lifestyles as I eat cleaner and feel better than ever. Over the past few weeks I have noticed increased energy, an easier time falling asleep at night and rising in the morning as well as the fact that I haven’t had a single pimple since I don’t remember when. I truly believe all of these results are from eating a primarily raw diet lately so it makes me wonder how I would feel if I went all the way? Anyway, enough about my crazy banana island ideas…here is what I have been enjoying this week!

Breaky: Acai Bowls or Trader Joe’s Muesli with fruit

Raw Juce Acai Bowl

Raw Juce Acai Bowl

Muesli with fresh fruit

Muesli with fresh fruit

Lunch: This mango and avocado salad with chia sprinkled on top, dressing is olive oil, honey, salt & pepper. I am obsesssssssed with mangoes right now.

mango avocado salad_haute + healthy

Snacks are: Cantaloupe with coconut flakes, apples, pineapple or other fresh fruit with some nuts. I have found that my acai bowls and salads keep me so full I don’t need to snack as much lately.

Dinner: Wow, I need to start taking more pictures of what I eat for dinner. This week we have been really boring, just eating salads with fish, falafel with broccoli and (duh) acai bowls. Did I mention I am obsessed? #acaiproblems

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. If you are on the 80/10/10 or Raw till 4 diets, let me know in the comments your thoughts or tips on them…I would appreciate knowing as much as possible.

xx, Beth


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