Haute & Healthy Valentine’s Day.

I am so excited today because it is the end of the Tone It Up Love Your Body Challenge and I have reached my 100 miles by Vday! The past six weeks have been fun and I really wouldn’t describe them as a “challenge” as much of a jumpstart into a healthy year. I think the hardest part of the challenge was constantly being prepared with healthy food, which requires planning, shopping frequently and resisting temptation (which I have gotten really good at). Now that clean eating has become second nature to me, it isn’t hard for me to make healthy choices because I honestly love to eat clean and lean. Not only am I physically more toned and lean after this challenge, but I feel great emotionally and mentally too which is so important in life. Good in, good out.

haute and healthy elizabeth hannum{hair heart}

Just because it is Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you should abandon your normal schedule and throw all the hard work you have been doing away for a night of debauchery that you will regret all weekend. Here are some tips to stay on track today:

Work It Out. Do something active today before you go out, whether it is keeping your regular gym appointment or taking a walk with girlfriends. Just. Move. Don’t take the day off just because it is a holiday, ok? #noexcuses

Eat Healthy {80/20}. If you know you are going out to dinner, research the menu beforehand so you can make healthy choices when you get there. Try to eat clean and lean for the rest of the day and have a healthy snack before you go out so you don’t binge on the bread basket. Since you spent 80% of your day being clean and lean, then you can spend your 20% on your dinner, drinks and/or dessert.

Moderation. It’s Valentine’s Day so obviously you are going to eat chocolate and {probably} drink alcohol, just keep it in moderation {don’t eat the entire box!} and remember to drink water to stay hydrated. I prefer champs with some fresh fruit for my Vday drink!

How are you staying haute and healthy for Valentine’s Day? Share it in the comments below and have a great Valentine’s Day!

x, Beth


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