My Top Haute + Healthy Tips.

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Clean & Lean baby. Eating clean and lean is a lifestyle, not a diet. When I share what I eat on the blog on the daily, that is my “diet” I truly believe that what you eat is more important than working out every day. This isn’t saying you can’t have a cheat meal, but just have one meal a week – not an entire cheat day. I also believe strongly in the 80/20 rule – 80% eating clean and 20% enjoying not-so-clean things (that are still not that bad) like honey, dark chocolate, etc. I am a very much a perfectionist so when I do something I give 100% and can take things a little extreme, sometimes my bf has to remind me to veer off the perfect clean eating path so I make sure to plan my cheat meal each week. Sometimes, by the time I get to it I don’t really even want it anymore. I had always worked out, but it wasn’t until I started really incorporating clean eating that I started to see the results of my work in the gym.

Au naturel. Stay as close to natural as possible. This goes back to eating clean and lean, but it means no additives, preservatives, sweeteners or any ingredients you cannot pronounce. If you don’t know what is in your food – don’t eat it. Lately, I have also cut back on eating wheat of any kind, but I do still enjoy rye toast at times as it is the least processed of all of the breads.

Preparation. I am a creature of habit and will eat protein pancakes every single morning, which makes it easy for me to plan my week of eating. Since I work a full time job I try to always make my pancakes the night before and set aside a bag with my snacks (fruit, nuts) and lunch for the next day. My boyfriend and I make a detailed shopping list on Sundays for the week and hit up the local farmer’s market to get all of our fruits, veggies and seafood to last us about five days. Not only do we get a lot of local and fresh produce, but it is significantly cheaper than the chain grocery stores. Preparation is one of the best tools for staying haute and healthy as you always know what you’ll be eating and will be less tempted to go grab lunch every day at work.

Water. I like to think we all know this, but just to reiterate you should try to drink half your body weight in ounces per day. This means if you weigh 115 lbs you should drink 57.5 ounces a day. I keep a tumbler at my desk that is 24 ounces and challenge myself to drink three of these a day at work. You can also get your water in tea.

Education. Read as much as you possibly can so you can make educated healthy decisions. I love to read other blogs, health magazines and books dedicated to living a healthy life, which grows my knowledge on the subject and motivates me. Some of my favorite blogs are: Elliegonsalves, Tone It Up and Linda Wagner. One of the books I read recently that was a huge motivation for me is Clean & Lean Diet.

Community. Social media pushes me to work out harder, eat cleaner and be more active. It is so important to have an encouraging support system around you and since all of my friends don’t live near me anymore (insert frown) I get this support from social media. I don’t know about you, but there is nothing that makes me get my butt into the gym faster than seeing pics of hot girls in my IG feed. Also, creating a vision board on Pinterest with images of the lifestyle you want to be living is a very motivational tool so get started today.

I hope these tips and tricks help you and share below any you have that keep you haute and healthy!

x, Beth


6 thoughts on “My Top Haute + Healthy Tips.

    • Agreed. I think eating clean and raw can be something that grows on your over time too. As you eat clean your tastes change and you start to want the good things more than the bad. After awhile you don’t even miss dips! x, Beth

  1. I like how you said that you’ve always worked out but you didn’t truly notice your workout’s effects until after clean eating. This is so true! Abs are made in the kitchen 😉 But really, looking good is about feeling good. And your body will only feel its best when you feed it the good stuff. Good post!

    • I couldn’t agree more, clean eating is such a big part of feeling and looking your best. I wrote a lot about my physical outcome, but I should also do a post about the internal health effects of eating clean like clearer skin, more energy, etc. Maybe I’ll do that for a future post! x, Beth

      • You definitely should!
        Also, I noticed that you mentioned that you do a lot of reading on healthy living. I was wondering which books were your favorite that you’ve read?

      • I think the most inspirational book for me on clean eating is Clean and Lean Diet: 14 Days to Your Best-Ever Body by James Duigan. It really goes into detail on the effects of sugar, alcohol and wheat on your body. He also provides a 14 day detox with workouts in the book, I haven’t tried the detox yet. I read the book over Christmas break and found that it really motivated me to eat clean for the New Year. It really changes your idea on what “clean” is.

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