Eat Fat to Lose Fat.

Dr.Oz was on my favorite morning radio show this morning talking about how we (as a nation) need to eat fat to lose fat. I couldn’t agree more. There is a large misconception that healthy fats are going to make you fat. Not the case. In fact, Dr.Oz said: “America’s not fat because of fat, it is fat because of carbs.” He said that we need to remove wheat out of our diets (no more pasta, breads, etc.) and keep it simple with foods in their most natural state. It is okay to have things in moderation (like your favorite pasta) but watch your portion control and do not heat up pasta leftovers; he explained that the carbs become like glue the day after so you need to throw pasta left overs away.

One of the main points he discussed was the addictive qualities of sugar and how we need to get our sugar from natural sources like fruit instead of diet soda, which can triple your chances of getting heart disease! For those looking to lose weight, Dr.Oz stressed the importance of diet over working out and the need for those who work out to replenish their muscles with protein after a workout – NOT sugary drinks sold in gyms.

IMG_6242{my favorite fat: avocado on wheatless bread}

Here are the main “good fats” Dr.Oz discussed today:
– Olive Oil
– Nuts (especially pine nuts – two shot glasses per day)
– Avocados

Dr.Oz had a lot of interesting information on health and nutrition to share this morning, but these were the points that stuck most with me. Once the interview becomes available to listen to I will post it here so you can listen to the entire thing. Dr.Oz did share his Dr. Oz’s Rapid Weight-Loss Plan One-Sheet, a two-week plan to jump start your weight loss, which you can download here.

xx, Beth


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