February Moments.

February is just flying by and I realized I haven’t blogged in much too long. Since the last time I posted I have stuck to my resolutions and have been doing bootcamp 2-3 times a week and the Tone It Up Love Your Body Challenge workouts on the days I don’t do bootcamp. I am so excited to have reached my 60 miles to #100byVday with mainly bootcamp and HIIT workouts, only 40 more miles to go by the 14th! I have also created a weird eating plan that combines Clean & Lean with Tone It Up’s Nutrition Eating plan, which means I have been eating A TON of protein pancakes! Another thing I have incorporated more this past month is making PerfectFit protein smoothies to have after bootcamp. How are all of you doing with your new year goals? Share with me in the comments below! Also, stay tuned for a new way to cook tofu coming up this week. x, B

elizabeth hannum_haute + healthy{Love Your Body selfie}

toned up bravo{watching my Toned Up girls on Bravo}

sundy house brunch_haute + healthy{my protein + cheese brunch}
haute + healthy tone it up love your body challenge {new sports bra from PINK at VS}


2 thoughts on “February Moments.

  1. You look fabulous! Lost a bit of my motivation but have been pretty good about my green juice daily & a multi-vitamin! Am logging my miles on a weekly basis & trying to stay consistent. Tomorrow’s another day to be even better!

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