January Moments.

Since returning from the holidays and really dedicating myself to being clean and lean the past two weeks I feel like there has been a shift in my mind and body. I have more energy {thanks to my clean and lean diet}, am more toned overall {thanks bootcamp and Tone It Up!} and in general I am happier than ever. I believe that I am experiencing these results because I am fueling my body with clean food and getting in exercise every day, which in turn is making my mind clearer and my body leaner.

Along with eating clean and working out hard I think that constantly staying motivated is one of the most difficult challenges we face each day. Well, I have a solution for you: social media! I do not follow the Tone It Up diet {I just eat clean and lean in general} but I do participate in the Tone It Up workout challenges and I love following TIU teammates on Twitter and IG. If you are looking for some inspiration, search #tiuteam on IG and Twitter to check out all of the amazing TIU women around the world who will be sure to motivate you. I also love to follow fitness models like my favorite, Ellie Gonsalves {@ellie_gonsalves} so I have some fitspo to look at. Trust me, seeing her hot body on IG will make you get your butt in the gym! Be sure to follow me @hautehealthy and let’s stay motivated together. xx, Beth

IMG_7031{Sipping a Raw Juce Caribbean Chia smoothie for lunch}

IMG_7093{rocking my #VSX after a TIU Love Your Body workout}
{Perfect Fit Protein Pancakes with berries}

{I eat this for breakfast + lunch: Avocado toast}


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