Clean & Lean Diet.

I read James Duigan’s Clean & Lean Diet while in the Bahamas and although I knew most of the information in the book, it was a great motivational tool to kickstart me in the new year. James Duigan is Elle Macpherson’s personal trainer and promotes a lifestyle of eating vegetables, lean proteins, nuts and (some) fruit as your daily “diet”. The book strongly promotes removing all sugar and wheat out of our diets {no processed foods} and replacing them with products that are as close to their natural state as possible {veggies, nuts, fish, etc.}. Since I already eat like this it was not difficult for me to take on these Clean & Lean eating habits, but the book does detail a 14-day eating plan with recipes and workouts for those who need more specific guidelines. One of the most important things I took away from the Clean & Lean Diet was the need to buy organic so we keep our bodies toxin free, which is something I am trying really hard to do in 2014. I am combining these clean and lean eating habits with my weekly bootcamp classes + the Tone It Up Love Your Body Challenge to get myself in the best shape possible this year.

Here’s how I have been living clean and lean in the New Year since returning from the Bahamas!

haute healthy elizabeth hannum love your body challenge


clean & lean diet stir fry haute + healthy

{Clean & Lean Chicken + Cashew Stirfry}

elizabeth hannum bootcamp class{bootcamp – medicine ball throws}

perfect fit protein pancake hautehealthy

{Perfect Fit Protein Pancakes}

hautehealthy elizabeth hannum{New Year, New Nikes}


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