Tips to Stay Haute + Healthy in December

haute + healthy_elizabeth hannum{working out by my tree}

It’s so difficult to motivate yourself when you drive home from work and it’s pitch black and chilly outside. I can’t really attest to the snow, but I can imagine how hard it is to make yourself go out again to a class or for a run. However, a lot of weight gain happens in these winter months and I am sure it has something to do with not wanting to leave the house, holiday parties and Pinterest recipes. To help motivate us all through December, I compiled some tips to help stay Haute + Healthy through Christmas and into the New Year.

Take It Inside
There are so many free YouTube videos, DVDs and Pinterest workouts you can do at home during these months that you have no excuse to not work out. One of the best exercises you can practice at home is HIIT (high intensity interval training), which gets your heart rate up while burning a ton of calories at the same time. Think jump squats, lunges, push ups, etc. You don’t need equipment other than some weights and you can do everything in your family room. Even doing a HIIT workout for 30 minutes will speed up your metabolism, energize you and keep you fit and tones throughout December. Search “HIIT” in Pinterest for tons of free at-home workouts you can do or press play on your Tone It Up DVD – HIIT workout.

Keep Warm
When it is cold out, do you ever notice how your body craves comfort foods? Swap out the typical unhealthy warm comfort foods like cream-based tomato soup and mac & cheese for healthier versions if you are really craving something or sip on teas to quench your craving for something warm. HIIT workouts also make you sweat, which will keep you warm and don’t forget sex – it’s a real calorie burner!

Create a Challenge
Partner with a friend of family member and create your own December Fitness challenge to work out and eat healthy everyday. Make a calendar in Google Docs where you both can edit what you did each day or print it out and put it on your fridge. Keeping each other accountable and checking in daily with each other will make the challenge fun and hold you both accountable. Make your end goal for the challenge to be the New Year and kick butt this month! Even better, make a prize at the end of the challenge like you both have a spa day or buy new workout clothes.

Create/Update Your Vision Board
If you haven’t already created a vision board, go to Pinterest and start pinning some fitness inspiration immediately. If you don’t have Pinterest, cut out pictures from magazines and create a collage. This isn’t just about putting up pictures of models to look at, make your vision board about what you want in terms of health and happiness. Maybe it is a picture of a place you want to visit (that you want to be in shape for), maybe it is a photo of strong athletic legs (you want to have one day) or a sexy wedding dress (you plan to wear one day). Your vision board can be anything you want, but whatever it is, it will help motivate you and get you through this month. Every day when I look at Instagram accounts of healthy people I admire it always motivates me to work out that night!

I hope these tips help motivate you this month and keep you on track to be your most Haute + Healthy self. If you have other tips to share, make sure to add them in the comments.

xoxo, Beth


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