Natural Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate Skulls.

I woke up on Friday to a change in the air with a distinct feel of Fall. In South Florida it is a little too soon to break out the boots, but it did put me in a serious pumpkin/chai/halloween mode, which leads me to the easy and healthy dessert I created over the weekend. I already had a skull ice cube mold from last Halloween that I got at Dollar General, so I layered all natural peanut butter (add a touch of vanilla extract and coconut oil to the PB) in the bottom half of the molds with a spoon and then poured my chocolate mix (melt down half of a dark chocolate bar + 1tbsp coconut oil in the microwave).

Once you have them perfectly layered to the brim in the mold, just freeze for 30 minutes & enjoy!

peanut butter & chocolate ice molds - haite + healthy
[Aren’t they adorable?]

xoxo, Beth


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