Pan Seared Scallops & Roasted Corn Salad.

From reading so many websites, blogs and following hundreds of IG accounts somehow I came across model (and wife of John Legend) Chrissy Teigen’s blog So Delushious! I was hoping for insider beauty tips and skincare but what I got was a whole lot of cooking and humor. And when I come across a new blog I love I read the ENTIRE thing, every page all the way back to inception because I am crazy like that and don’t want to miss anything they have written. So I read her entire blog yesterday and then…something really weird happened. I actually felt like cooking. Not my usual basic recipes that aren’t really considered cooking, but like a full dinner that takes time. I am sure the bf thinks I had been taken over by pod people when he came home to me searing scallops. Personally, I think I have just been watching too much Cooking Channel. So here is what I served, inspired by Chrissy’s The Perfect Scallop post. Get the details after the jump.

scallops + corn salad - haute + healthy

10 fresh scallops (I burned 3 of them)

2 corns on the cob

1 package of cherry tomatoes (use about half the container and chop them in half)

Unsalted organic butter

Salt + Pepper for seasoning

+ Read Chrissy’s post on searing the scallops because it is hilarious and she has the timing down to a science. Basically, you sear the scallops in butter and oil (I used coconut oil) for almost 2 minutes on each side for the perfect scallop.

+ Chrissy used a can of corn, but I chose to cut off the corn from the cob and roast it in a pan with a pad of butter and the tomatoes.

+ Serve your scallops over your corn salad & enjoy!

chrissy teigen dog sodelushious

Chrissy and her dog (how cute is he??) {via}

After a little snag with the first burner I used, this dinner ended up being super easy and turned out delushious! I learned that scallops are the easiest thing ever to cook and there is a reason cooks drink. Should have added wine to my ingredients list. Lesson learned!

xoxo, Beth


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