Create a Weekly Workout Schedule.

With everyone trying Groupon classes, Orange Theory, Crossfit and a million other workouts sometimes we get confused on how to create a simple workout schedule for the week. I personally love having a schedule to follow so I can look back at my past weeks and months to see how much I have accomplished. I mark off the days in my planner, but you can also create your own schedule in excel or download the Tone It Up Calendar here. To keep yourself motivated and on track, post the schedule to your fridge or mirror.

After following Tone It Up for over the past year I feel that the key to their workout schedules (check out their latest one here) breaks down into this simple equation that all of us can follow to create our own:


+ 5 days of cardio (this can include running/elliptical/treadmill or walking)
– Aim for at least 2 miles

+ 3 days of toning (divide by arms/abs/booty)
– Tack these onto the days you do cardio

+ 2 days full body workouts only (no cardio)
– Check out TIU’s free Youtube Full Body Workout Videos
OR do your Bootcamp/Orange Leaf/Crossfit on these days
– If you do your class 3 times a week, minus a day of cardio from the plan

You’ll notice the schedule does not account for an “off day” but I typically use Sunday as my off day and just walk on the beach for some light exercise. However, if you are trying to lose weight I suggest you follow the schedule and do cardio 5 days a week. In addition to this schedule, remember to follow a clean eating plan for optimum haute + healthiness. You can read my past clean eating diaries here (Day 1234 & 5). Have a great Tuesday!

xoxo, Beth


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