Stay Healthy While Dating/Married to a Less Healthy Partner.

You love tofu, he loves KFC. Is it possible to stay healthy and fit while dating/being married to a less healthy partner? Yes, with these tips:

If you just started dating and they are taking you out to fancy dinners all the time: Look up the menu beforehand so you can map out what you are going to eat & skip the bread basket. Skipping the bread allows for you to indulge in a glass or two of wine for some much needed antioxidants! Another good idea is to suggest some active dates to go on other than eating out all the time, check your local Living Social deals for ideas.

If you have been dating for awhile and make dinner at each other’s houses: If he cooks the meals, ask him to make simple changes like swapping butter with coconut oil, modify your meals (less cheese/remove the bread) and go grocery shopping together for items if you can. Also, suggest new healthy meals to try together and make being healthy a fun couple activity. If you do the cooking, research Pinterest for ideas on how to make his fave unhealthy meals in a healthy version, he might not even notice when it tastes just as good.

If you live together: Make healthy shopping lists before you hit the store, research Pinterest for constant inspiration and educate your partner on your choices by dropping health facts or watching food documentaries together. Sign them up for Men’s Health or another male fitness magazine to inspire them. You can also make separate dishes if you need to: I do not eat pork or chicken, so my BF makes me tofu and a pork chop for himself and we have the same side veggie for dinner. If he is craving a steak, he grills me shrimp. Relationships are all about compromise right?!

At this point in my life I do not know if I could date someone who isn’t as health conscious as myself (and believe me, I have in the past because I didn’t care as much back then either). Luckily, my bf is very open minded on food and interested in leading a healthy lifestyle so I don’t have to try too hard to get him to eat new things. I think part of growing together as a couple is respecting the other’s opinions and beliefs, being open to new experiences and learning from each other. So, whatever stage you are in with your partner, I hope these tips help with keeping you on the healthy track even if they are not!


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