My Clean Eating Lifestyle.

One of the things I get asked most about are my eating habits and it seems like that is what we are all most interested in if Instagram has anything to show for it. I could literally scroll through Instagram pics of healthy meals, inspirational quotes and toned bodies #obsessed! I have shared my clean eating diaries before (Day 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5) but today I wanted to delve deeper into the choices I make on a daily basis that lead to an overall haute + healthy lifestyle. Because being fit and healthy is a lifestyle, it’s not a diet or and there is no quick fix. It is a culmination of making good meal choices every day, at every meal, and incorporating fitness in every single day whether it is a boot camp or a walk outside. I am not saying I am an expert on this, but I can say that I am more fit than I was at 18 or 21 (and now I am 30!) and I know it has to do with the healthy choices I make, the research I have done and the tips & tricks I have picked up along the way.

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haute + healthy motivation

My Clean Eating Lifestyle

+ Eat 5 times a day and do NOT skip meals (Breakfast | Snack | Lunch | Snack | Dinner)

+ Limit dairy & alcohol (I eat cheese sparingly and consume alcohol one night a week at most)

+ Drink almond milk or soy milk vs. regular milk

+ Drink half your body weight in water a day

+ Do not drink sugary sodas, fruit juices, energy drinks or sugary coffee drinks at Starbucks. If you are going to drink coffee, keep it black and add some almond/soy milk & cinnamon.

+ Try to completely stop eating processed foods, which is pretty much 90% of the grocery store. The closest you can keep your meals to their natural state the better, try to replicate things you love with fresh and natural items.

+ Limit your meat intake & practice meatless Mondays! I mainly eat fish and tofu, and substitute meat on my salads with eggs or beans for protein. This is what works for me as I slowly move towards a more vegetarian diet, but if you enjoy meat it is ok for you to pair a lean protein with lunch/dinner – just try not to every single night.

+ Prepare your meals, bring a packed lunch and stop eating out SO much. Not only do you save TONS of money but you save yourself TONS of unnecessary calories and fat. Don’t be afraid of looking frugal, I would rather look frugal and fit, than wealthy and fat. Not being prepared is half the battle so hit up your local farmer’s market on the weekend to prepare for the week. Their produce is local and usually muchhhh less than the grocery store.

+ Workout at least 5 times a week: This could be cardio with toning 3 times a week, a video (think Yoga/Pilates) + a class (boot camp/Barre) = 5 days *I will go into this more in depth in a future article but this is a general guide I follow*

+ Allow yourself a cheat meal once a week, NOT a cheat day! It is important to allow yourself a reward for working so hard, so keep that cheat meal as a goal for yourself throughout the week.

I hope you all enjoyed these clean eating lifestyle tips and that they can help you become your most haute + healthy self. Let me know if you have any questions and have a great holiday weekend!

xoxo, Beth


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