Linda Wagner’s Green Smoothie Detox.

If you haven’t checked out nutrition coach Linda Wagner’s blog put it on your TO DO list. A proponent of clean eating and a healthy lifestyle, Linda shares tons of healthy recipes and motivational tips, not to mention she developed her own E-books: Green Smoothie Detox & Juice Feasting 101. Both of these E-books are currently on sale at LivingSocial for just $7 each (buy them by clicking this link); you will receive a code to redeem on Linda’s website and then you can download them as PDFs to your computer. I just purchased the Green Smoothie Detox because juicing is just too much work for me to do at home and I am lazy…blending takes 5 minutes so I have no excuse!

Linda Wagner Green Smoothie Detox - haute + healthy

Benefits of the Green Smoothie (GS)

+ large dose of vitamins & minerals (GS contains 4+ servings of dark leafy greens)
+ energy
+ reduced cravings
+ increased digestion
+ clearer skin, stronger hair & nails
+ weight loss

If you aren’t ready to buy the E-books, check out Linda’s blog and make the Green Smoothie for Weight Loss she posted about today. It is similar to the GS, which basically just means fruits (make the base bananas for a creamy texture) + greens + water. This means you can pretty much  put anything you want in your GS to fit in this equation. However, we need to leave out almond/soy milk and yogurt as they do not aid in weight loss and cause digestion issues. Linda provides a detailed 7 day Smoothie detox plan in her E-book that I won’t give away, but to get us all started on the right path she suggests incorporating the GS to start your day each morning. You can also drink them as a meal replacement and/or snack throughout the day. So far, I am on day 2 of incorporating the GS in the mornings and clean eating throughout the day and I am feeling great. Let me know if you purchase the E-book or already have it and share your GS tips + tricks with me!

xoxo, Beth


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