Healthy “fast food” from Starbucks.

For the past five nights the bf and I have been living out of suitcases at his parent’s house because our apartment is being tented for termites. Oh, the joys of renting! Since we aren’t on a normal schedule, planning ahead for healthy meals has been difficult and I find myself racing to work in the morning with no clue what I am going to eat for breakfast. After weighing all my options in the car on the way to work, the only healthy “fast food” I can rationalize is Starbucks. With healthy options from steel cut oats and KIND bars, to egg white sandwiches, fruit cups and Peeled snacks, your options are endless. Here was my healthy “fast food” breakfast from Starbucks this morning:

Starbucks protein box - haute + healthy

Starbucks Protein Box Nutritional Information:

starbucks protein box nutritional information - haute + healthy

xoxo, Beth


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