haute + healthy Protein Pancake Sandwich.

We have little food left in our fridge and I was craving sweets so I got creative for lunch today. I cooked up two protein pancakes and sandwiched them together with greek yogurt and sliced strawberries. It was extremely tasty, filling and healthy. I am proud to say that I have finally mastered the protein pancake and the key is to allow the pan (sprayed with PAM) to warm up a bit before you pour your batter in. While you wait, mix your “batter” ingredients in a bowl and slice up the fruit you want in your sandwich. This would have been amazing with some carob chips, but I have the fridge of college kid right now so none of those around. What do you like to put in your protein pancake sandwich?

haute + healthy protein pancake sandwich

Pancake Batter
+ 1 mashed banana
+ 2 eggs
+ 2tbsp Perfect Fit Protein Powder
+ dash of cinnamon

+ greek yogurt
+ strawberries

[this recipe makes two big pancakes or four small cakes]

xoxo, Beth


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