My Clean Eating Diary, Day 5.

It’s the first day of Summer, end of the Tone It Up Bikini Series and last day of my version of the Tone It Up 5DSD! From not drinking caffeine for a week now, I am positive that it was a direct reason for the way I was feeling, which was like I was on drugs. I don’t know if it is because caffeine affects you differently as you age or if it was due to the fact that it has less crap to compete with in my system since I have been eating so healthy and goes straight to my head? Has anyone else had this issue with coffee?

Ok, so on to the pits and the peaks of this week. I don’t weigh myself so I have no clue if I lost weight, but my purpose of eating clean is never to lose weight, but to tone and feel healthy. Right now that is exactly how I feel. I am running on clean energy, my tiniest clothes fit, my mind and skin is clear and I have real energy not forced from espresso shots. Eating clean is not difficult for me, as I have incorporated it into my lifestyle now. I do not “diet” or “cleanse”, I just chose to only fuel my body with natural products and I think of this is a way of life now. Put good in, get good out. Put shit in, you look like shit. It really is that simple. The pit of my week was being without Kristin, who has moved across country to take a new job. Although I am sad because she is my best friend we have Skype and now I have someone to visit in California!

haute + healthy_beth and kristin

[our last supper together in Delray]

Many of the “rules” I follow are simple guidelines you can incorporate into your daily life:
Eat clean, lean and green. Clean means no processed foods with chemicals and ingredients you can’t pronounce. If you don’t know what is in your food, do not eat it. If you shop the perimeter of the grocery store and avoid the frozen aisle then you will skip the processed foods. You can still eat lean meats such as seafood, chicken and red meat, but I try to limit my red meat intake as much as possible. Eat as MANY greens as possible!

No dairy. No cheese is so difficult, but cutting it out will also cut fat. Swap out your regular milk for soy or almond milk. You can still eat greek yogurt, cottage cheese and light cheeses (such as goat), but everything in moderation.

No carbs after 3pm. This is a no brainer. If you are really craving pasta, make a fresh tomato sauce and put it over spaghetti squash.

Limit your alcohol intake. Not only does drinking pack on the pounds, but drinking impairs our abilities to make healthy choices and the next thing you know you ate half a pizza. True story.

Do something active each day. I don’t care if you just walk your dog around the block, get active and do something to get your heart rate going. Don’t forget toning too! Just because you run doesn’t mean you are toning your body. Tone It Up has tons of FREE toning workouts on Youtube you can do in the comfort of your home. I recommend toning at least three times per week.

Day 5 – Friday

Breakfast: Oatmeal with banana, sprinkled with cinnamon

Lunch: Chickpeas with pesto + whole wheat pita

Snack: KIND Bar

Dinner: Homemade veggie pizza with lowfat cheese

This Clean Eating Diary was a snapshot into my real every day life of what I put into my body. I created this to hold myself accountable and also to help you make haute + healthy choices. I hope you enjoyed it!

xoxo, Beth


2 thoughts on “My Clean Eating Diary, Day 5.

  1. I’ve been really enjoying your blog. I have packed on the pounds since having a little one and am having to re-educate myself on what I should do to get the results I want (now that I’m 32 this poundage sticks like glue!). I have 40lbs to lose and want to do it as clean and healthy as possible. Thanks for all the tips. I started the Hiit workouts tonight..thanks to you!

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