My Clean Eating Diary, Day 4.

I am such a creature of repetition, I swear I could eat a Qrunch burger every day. Just like how I listen to music on repeat, once I find a new food I always get obsessive about it, eat it every day and then burn out and barely can stand to look at it. But this could never happen with my beloved Qrunch burgers! ha. I took a day off the protein pancake wagon and made some old fashioned oatmeal instead, which always keeps me full for a few hours. I had honestly never made oatmeal on the stove before so I was pretty proud of my new culinary skills; first pancakes, now oatmeal – the bf better watch out.

I am leaving tomorrow to visit my best friend from college so tonight the bf and I went out to eat at our favorite sushi restaurant. To stay on track with my clean eating I ordered a cucumber wrapped roll, which has no rice, and drank a Lychee Martini (sake + lychee). Pretty sure sake is considered clean!

haute and healthy oatmeal

Breakfast: Old fashioned oats mixed with almond milk + sliced banana, sprinkled with cinnamon

Lunch: Qrunch burger in whole wheat pita with lettuce + spicy mustard

Snack 1: Peeled Apple Snacks 

Snack 2: KIND Bar

Dinner Out: Seaweed salad + Cucumber wrapped roll with no rice + Miso soup

Workout: Two mile beach walk…in the rain 🙂

xoxo, Beth


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