Map My Walk: Atlantic Avenue Edition.

When Kristin blogs about her running I feel embarrassed because she runs more miles in one day than I book in an entire three months. It is not a lack of desire to be a runner or that I am a poor runner [I ran a 5k this year, thanks K!], more than it is not a necessity for me to run; I am not training for anything nor am I trying to lose weight, so for me it is hard to see the point in running. This isn’t me making excuses and then in a few months I will be training for a marathon, this is me being honest with you guys; I am a lazy worker-outer, which I stated from day 1 of this blog.

For my body type, to maintain my weight and stay toned, all I do is eat clean and natural, do toning exercises 3 times a week and incorporate HITT workouts 2 times a week. I also bike, walk or do yoga on random days, that is it. I believe that what you eat is really the key to weight maintaining; when you are eating a clean and natural diet you don’t need to run a million miles because I would be burning off fruits and vegetables and then I would probably pass out in the middle of the road. But seriously, this is what works for me and I am not knocking running, I just don’t want to do it. Anyway, the other night I decided to take a long walk since I don’t run and downloaded the Map My Walk App [basically the anti-running lazy person’s version of Map My Run].

Map My Walk - Haute + Healthy[my walking route, time, pace & calories burned]

The thing I like best about the Map My Walk app is that a voice comes on telling you how far you have gone and what your pace is, which is very motivational. For about half a mile I was setting up the app so it missed about .5 of my trek. I actually walked 3 miles around our town in a loop, down to the beach to check the ocean and then back to my house.

atlantic avenue delray beach fl - Haute + Healthy

On my journey you cross over the Atlantic Avenue bridge where I stopped for a minute to take a picture and think of this quote: keep your head up, keep your heart strong. keep your goals set [I made up this part], keep your hair long [have that one in the bag!]. I don’t know what it is about walking outside, it just makes me feel so connected to nature, so much more peaceful and serene. By the time I got home all of my worries of the day had faded and I felt refreshed. Is there such thing as a walker’s high? Now there is – #walkershigh.


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