Natural Lemon Diuretic.

Hope you all had a fun St.Patty’s Day weekend! Kristin and I might have had a little TOO much fun [if that’s possible]. On Saturday our town had its annual parade where they close down the street and everyone parties all day into the night. We made DIY floral crowns and dressed in our hippie chic attire to paint the town green. After one too many drinks and a *few* slices of pizza later, let’s just say on Sunday I was in desperate need of a detox. Short of doing another juice cleanse I decided to go the quick and easy route instead; a natural lemon diuretic [also picked up from the fab Skinny Confidential]. The reason I love this lemon diuretic is because it is all natural, takes one ingredient and makes you pee so often you feel skinnier and healthier within a few hours.

haute + healthy hippies

[haute + healthy hippies]

Ingredients: hot water & 2 lemons

Instructions: boil water, slice lemons into wedges [remove seeds]. Once the water is boiling, squeeze the juice from the lemon wedges into the water. Then throw all remaining lemon rinds into the pot and simmer for a few minutes. Cheers!

haute + healthy lemon diuretic

[lemon tea in my E mug]

I drank my tea last night and am already feeling way less bloated today. To really flush the excess water out of your system you could continue the tea the next morning as well or, if you have an event you need to be bikini ready for, do the tea a few hours beforehand.


4 thoughts on “Natural Lemon Diuretic.

    • Hi Kasey,

      I poured water into my mug twice and poured both cups into the pot to boil. Basically this recipe makes two mugs full of tea. Let me know if you have any other questions!xx, Beth

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