Haute + Healthy in Hawaii.

If you do West Maui like a tourist I imagine it can get expensive and unhealthy very quickly. Luckily, my bf has visited Hawaii before and has a good friend who lives here so we had an edge before arriving. After being here a few days I started thinking how staying at a resort really limits your exposure to the local culture, causes you to drive everywhere and forces you to eat at all of the overpriced tourist restaurants on Front Street [Front street is a lot like Duval street in Key West].

haute + healthy front street[chillin by the palms on front street]

We are lucky enough to be staying in a guest house off a main house at the end of Front Street in Lahaina so everything on the strip is in walking distance. The bungalow we are staying in has a complete kitchen filled with dishes, pots & pans, a fridge and even a juicer! Our hosts graciously allowed us to pick mangoes from their tree [mango smoothies] and yesterday I tried my first passion fruit, which was hanging over our heads in our back patio. Being within walking distance of everything, having a kitchen and exploring the local eats has helped us stay haute + healthy on our trip, but I have also picked up some other tips along the way to help you on your travels if you visit Hawaii.

+ buy your groceries locally, they have farmer’s markets and grocery stores just like Publix. Even though some of the food is priced more than on the mainland you still save more money by buying groceries and making as many of your own meals as possible. We bought eggs, tomatoes and toast to last us the week for breakfast, fruit + nuts to bring as snacks on our adventures and TONS of water.

haute + healthy - poke[fresh poke]

+ if you are going to eat out, research the restaurants on Tripadvisor.com or Yelp.com so you know your healthy options beforehand and how much they cost. So far we have had affordable eats at: Cool Cat Cafe [veggie burger options] and Star Noodle.

haute + healthy - star noodle
[Sweet + Sour Noodles at Star Noodle]

+ walk/bike everywhere [no brainer]. Many of the surf spots require a bit of a hike so be adventurous and get that workout in!

[rocky trail at Honolua Bay]

haute + healthy in Hawaii

+ bring sunscreen, hats and coconut oil. Catching cancer because you were lazy on vacation is so not sexy.

+ explore the many hikes and trails Hawaii has to offer [check out hawaiitrails]. Our first hike was 5 miles at Waihe’e Ridge Trail and a killer workout.

haute + healthy - waihee ridge trail

[trailblazers leaving their mark]

+ while the bf surfs the bay, the gf shall play! He normally surfs for a few hours in the early morning, which is when I do Tone It Up workouts from YouTube and catch up on blogging. We have Wifi in our bungalow, but if you didn’t have internet you could bring the Tone It Up DVD with you.




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