Trader Joe’s Healthy Grocery List.

If you haven’t heard of Trader Joe’s you probably live in southeast Florida like myself where we only have overpriced grocery stores like Whole Foods and Greenwise. I first heard about Trader Joe’s from my favorite supermodel Marisa Miller when she referenced it in an interview a few years back. Obviously after finding out my girl Marisa shops there I made it a mission to also shop there one day.

Years passed, many hundreds of frustrating shopping trips at Publix have occurred, and then all of a sudden my mother [who lives on the west coast of Florida] tells me she found a new grocery store where items are sold are at an insane low cost because they buy wholesale and are able to negotiate cheaper prices. And it’s called…Trader Joe’s.

Last week I drove over to visit my parents and was able to check out the elusive Trader Joe’s or TJ’s as I like to call it [my brother’s name is also TJ so it seems kismet]. Let me just tell you; TJ’s is everything I dreamed and more, except the decor is a little bare bones but I can work with it. Because I didn’t have a cooler with me I stuck to dry goods and things I knew were a MAJOR steal, but next time I plan to attack the frozen goods, meat department and produce aisles. It was the best shopping day ever and I was in a grocery store…never thought I would say that.

Trader Joe's peanut butter - Haute + Healthy

::Trader Joe’s Grocery List::

Organic coconut oil – $5.99

Olive oil – $7.99 for a monster bottle

Almonds & Cranberries [DIY trail mix]

Natural peanut butter – one ingredient. no lie.

TJ’s ‘Pirate’s Booty’ – $3.99 for a huge bag

TJ’s wine – $3 [aka three buck chuck] *You can buy a case for $35*

Organic chickpeas & black beans – $1.19 each

TJ’s whole wheat pitas

I lost my receipt so I don’t remember everything I bought but these are the best deals I got on some staples that would normally cost a ton at a normal grocery store. My only complaint about TJ’s was I couldn’t find any unsweetened coconut but other than that I am in LOVE.

If you are wondering if you have a store nearby, find your nearest Trader Joe’s here.


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