Haute + Healthy February 2013 Playlist.

Ugh, I have been in DESPERATE need of some new tunes. Not only to add to my workout playlist, but just to listen to in general. Anyone else wear out their favorite songs on repeat until you literally can’t recall the time you loved the song so much? Welcome to my life. Here are a few new tracks to get stuck on repeat while we [hopefully] live young, wild & free. Instead of linking to Youtube I tried to make them easier by including the videos here, let me know if you prefer them this way and enjoy! xoxo, Beth

young, wild & free - Haute + Healthy

ON’N’ON – Justice

Girls Just Want to Have Fun – Starfucker

Carried Away – Passion Pit 

I am obsessed with this video. LOVE Sophia Bush.

Heartbeat – Jjamz

If you love creepy slasher flicks like me you will think this video is stellar.

Teenage Crime – Adrian Lux

You Are a Cinema – Multifandom


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