Healthy Starbucks Snacks.

Sometimes we hang out at Starbucks on our lunch break to blog or just relax. We usually order plain tea [I love the Starbucks iced green tea] or sometimes I get their plain coffee with a splash of soy milk and then add cinnamon to it. Since we have spent so much time there we have been able to research and eat most of their healthier snack options and wanted to share our healthy options with you guys. And no, none of them are cake pops, frappuccinos or bagel sandwiches.

peeled snacks - haute + healthy

Healthy Snacks at Starbucks:

+ KIND Bars [read our bar review here]

+ Peeled Snacks [one ingredient + no added sugar]

+ Starbuck’s Deluxe Fruit Blend Cup [80 calories]

+ Starbuck’s Steel Cut Oatmeal [150 calories]

+ For a meal: Starbuck’s protein artisan snack plate with a hard-boiled egg, cheddar cheese and apple slices, multigrain muesli bread, grapes + honey-butter spread [370 calories]

What’s your fave healthy snack at Starbucks? Share it with us so we can try…


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