thinkThin Bars vs. LÄRABARs.

You know how much we love Tone It Up so when they recommended LÄRABARs and thinkThin bars as a snack you can have, naturally I bought both. I was familiar with LÄRABARs already [post on them here] but had never tried a thinkThin bar, which tasted too good to be true. Turns out they aren’t and thinkThin is just as great of an option as LÄRABAR when you need a meal supplement during a hectic day. Tone It Up recommends limiting these bars to one a day.

When it comes down to calories the two bars are comparable, but where they differ is in sodium [thinkThin has 75mg vs. 5mg] and sugars [LÄRABAR has 18g vs. 6g]. There is a tradeoff with either bar you go with, but if you are looking to put only natural ingredients in your body I would choose the LÄRABAR over the thinkThin [see the breakdown of ingredients below to read why].

think thin bar versus larabar - haute + healthy

LÄRABAR [Ingredients: cashews + dates]
calories: 230
total fat: 13g [trans fat: 0g]
sodium: 5mg
sugars: 18g
potassium: 340mg

think Thin Bar [Ingredients: peanuts, almonds, soy crisps, brown rice syrup, coating [dried cane syrup and others], cashews, chicory fiber (plant fiber), dextrose, soy lecithin, natural flavors, sea salt, gum arabic]
calories: 190
total fat: 12g [trans fat:0g]
sodium: 75mg
sugars: 6g
protein: 10g


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