Skinny Confidential Three Day DIY Juice Cleanse Results.

I have officially completed my first juice cleanse and let me just say that I am feeling pretty fit. For those of you interested in the Skinny Confidential A New Year, A New You Juice Cleanse we just completed, you can do the DIY juice cleanse at home [get the deets here] or you can buy the juices from Suja Juice. I decided to go the DIY route of course being the budgetista that I am. I even talked my bf and his mom into doing the cleanse with me [they both cheated on the third day, ha] but they reported positive effects overall. The bf’s mom said the cleanse reminded her to eat small meals throughout the day and kickstarted her into eating healthier, she is down five pounds one week after her cleanse.

juicing - haute + healthy

I never juiced before so that was an experience in itself, wayyy too much work for me to use a juicer on an everyday basis [thank God for the bf]. I read that you can use the pulp that comes out of the juicer for compost and in your dog’s food, pretty interesting. If you are going the DIY route I recommend picking up your goods at a farmer’s market, much cheaper than your standard grocery. I would estimate that the ingredients for the 3 day cleanse for two of us cost around $50 at our local farmer’s market, including fish for dinner. So not only is the DIY cleanse good for your body, it is good for your wallet.

Juicing Journal & Results:

Day 1. Juice tastes strongly of beets with an earthy kick. My energy level was up all day, I worked out at night and had no hunger pains. I drank water all day long, one cup in between each juice and peed every hour on the hour.

Day 2. Juice has a combination of parsley and ginger giving it a very spicy flavor. This was my least favorite juice; my beer chugging skills from college came in handy this day! My energy level was good, I worked out at night and had minor hunger pains at 9pm…ate some blueberries.

Day 3. The bf just couldn’t take another beet, so we made our own juice following the ingredients from one of the Suja juices. This was the best tasting juice of our cleanse [probably because it contains pineapple]. I had energy all day, no hunger pains and finally went to the bathroom on the 3rd day! [TMI I know, but I had to share].

I do not weigh myself so I have no clue if I lost weight but I definitely feel more tout and toned all over, I also tried on my tiniest dress and it fit like a glove. Check out my self pics below (#nohips)…

haute yoga - haute + healthy

juice cleanse results - haute + healthy

Cleanse Tips, Tricks & Random Thoughts:
+ You are allowed 6 ounces of protein a day. I chose to space out my protein throughout the day: 1 hard boiled egg in the a.m., almonds in the afternoon and fish with greens for dinner. This kept me full for the entire day. On day 3 we made spaghetti squash with spinach, tomatoes and mushrooms for dinner.

+ Drink one cup of water every half hour between the juice every hour. Both my bf and his mom reported having a headache on the first day and I believe it was due to them not drinking enough water.

+ Kristin blended her ingredients instead of juicing them giving her a total different drink experience with similar end results. More on the difference between juicing and blending later.

+ Overall I would say the juice cleanse was a good experience, like a reset button for your body. This experience has definitely put me in a haute and healthy mindset I want to continue well past the cleanse period. The hardest part of the cleanse for me was not drinking coffee, more because of the routine than the need for caffeine though. Also, I am pretty lazy in the kitchen so maybe next time I would just splurge and buy the Suja juices instead of taking the DIY route.

If you have any additional questions or comments on the juice cleanse feel free to comment below or email me!


4 thoughts on “Skinny Confidential Three Day DIY Juice Cleanse Results.

  1. Thanks for your review of the cleanse! So inspiring, I can’t wait to try it. I live in Las Vegas and just checked the Suja website and it says they sell here at whole foods. I can walk to Whole Foods from my house! Waiting till next weeks paycheck to stock up on the juices.

    • Hi Lisa,

      Feel free to email Lauryn at Skinny Confidential for additional deets on the Suja cleanse – she is awesome! You’ll have to let us know how your experience with the juices goes! 🙂

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