Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Motivation.

It’s that time of year again, the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show aired last night making millions of women around the world feel insecure about their bodies. Well, I guess K and I are an exception to the rule because instead of feeling insecure we just feel motivated. I accepted a very long time ago that I will never grow taller than 5’2 so the only thing I can work on is having the most bangin’ body possible at the size I am at. The other thing to accept is that these supermodels train hard before they walk half-naked down that runway; they workout, eat healthy, probably don’t drink alcohol and wear a ton of self tanner [use Fake Bake, it’s the best]. Case in point: VS model Hilary Rhoda instagrammed a picture of herself working out to “train” for the VS fashion show with the caption “you get out what you put in.”

hilary rhode VS fashion show - haute + healthy

 [nice to see she looks as shitty as the rest of us while working out]

Just like us, these models still have to put in the time for their hot bods so instead of letting their beauty make you feel bad about yourself, let it motivate you to put in the time to get you one step closer to achieving your ideal body. Also, you can steal their VS makeup and hair secrets which helps the hotness. 

Hilary Rhoda VS Fashion Show - haute and healthy

[Hilary Rhoda rockin’ it]


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