Because It’s the Biggest Night of the Year: Skinny Drink Tips

If there’s one night of the year when you go out and get totally crazy, it’s probably tonight. Maybe your old friends are in town, maybe you have guests visiting, or maybe it’s just the fact that you don’t have to wake up early tomorrow, but Thanksgiving Eve has taken on a life of it’s own in the past few years. I’d even go to say that it has surpassed New Year’s Eve in the festivities category.

champagneImage via

All of this partying comes along with a good dose of alcoholic beverages. You know you’re going to be filling up on Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow {and us, on our pescatarian Thanksgiving}, so why not keep it skinny tonight and sip on one of our healthier cocktails?

Our top picks:

  • Champagne! It’s low-cal, bubbly {slow sips} and delish!
  • Vodka w/ soda water, splash cranberry
  • Skinny chocolate vegan-tini: Chocolate-flavored vodka w/ almond milk
  • Light beer w/ squeeze of lemon for flavor
  • White wine topped w/ sparkling water or soda water, w/ frozen raspberries as garnish
  • Skinny margarita: Tequila on the rocks w/ squeeze of lime and soda water

Enjoy + have fun! We know we will!


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