How to Make Your Oatmeal into a Meal

The other day at lunch I was frantically searching through my cabinets for something, anything, to eat. I was out of luck, which makes sense, since I hadn’t been grocery shopping in about two weeks. No veggies, no bread, no egg whites, no materials around to slap together a haphazard lunch. Then, I spotted the oatmeal canister on one of the high shelves in my pantry. Bingo.

In order to make myself a filling lunch, plain old {unsweetened of course} oatmeal was not going to do it. So, scrounging up the last remnants of food scraps in the kitchen, I made my oatmeal a meal. The ingredients? A dash of almond milk, a tablespoon of unsweetened coconut flakes, a tablespoon of natural peanut butter, and some pecans and cinnamon sprinkled on top.

Easy and delish.

Image via Pinterest

What are your favorite add-ons that make your oatmeal into a real meal?


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