Healthy Thanksgiving Tips & Tricks.

This Thanksgiving Kristin and I have to work the day after the holiday, which means we can’t travel home to spend time with family. Even though it’s sad we won’t have a big family Thanksgiving dinner it gives us an opportunity to bond, save calories and make a menu of healthy items we actually want to eat [pescatarian Thanksgiving here we come!]. Plus, we can spend our day drinking champagne with no judgment, watch girly movies and pass out by 4pm…giving us some nice nap time before the bf comes home from work.

If you are lucky enough to have Friday off and plan on indulging on all the things that make Thanksgiving so great, here are some haute + healthy tips and tricks to use for the big weekend. Remember, just because it’s a holiday doesn’t mean it’s an excuse to lose all self control. And if you must eat like shit all weekend, at least work out every day to offset it.


keep it light. Make your own dressings [olive oil + lemon], skip the gravy, butter and marshmallow covered sweet potatoes and chose whole wheat vs. a million croissants.

taste a little bit of everything. Load up on veggies, salad and fruit so you aren’t taking third servings of mashed potatoes when dinner rolls around. If you eat left overs for the rest of the weekend try to keep it to protein [turkey], greens and fruit. Of course it is okay to have a slice of pie, just not the whole thing and not every night. I prefer to drink my calories, which leads me to my next point…

keep the alcohol skinny. Stick to wine/champs/vodka with water/soda water and lime. Stay away from the heavy eggnog, grandmom’s punch and drinks made with prepackaged mixes. Remember to drink a glass of water between each drink to ensure you stay hydrated and don’t wake up in your parents’ bathtub.

be prepared. One of the best ways to ensure you eat healthy is to bring your own healthy dish, check out Pinterest for tons of inspiration. If your weakness is desserts, bring a dark chocolate bar in your purse. If you are going to a family member’s house for dinner, eat something healthy at home before you go so you aren’t starving. Good things to fill up on are veggies and hummus, greek yogurt and fruit or a handful of nuts.

There’s a reason everyone claims turkey on TG makes you tired, but It’s not the turkey, it’s you. Because you overate, your body feels sluggish and it puts itself to bed. If you follow our haute + healthy tips and tricks you will still enjoy an energized and happy Thanksgiving [with a nice buzz]. Share your tips + tricks for a haute + healthy Thanksgiving in the comments!


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