Why Soda Sucks.

Growing up I was never allowed to drink soda because it made me cray cray. Like I would get super-human sugar strength and complete 200 cartwheels in a straight line in any open area. Needless to say, I have my mother to thank for now leading a life where soda does not cross my mind. EVER. Not even mixed with alcohol. To me, the rationale behind not drinking soda is as simple as not smoking. It’s bad for you, therefore you don’t do it. If that notion seems too simple minded for you, here are some other reasons you need to lay off the sauce and solutions to kick the soda habit.

[Soda Sucks]

+ loaded with artificial sweeteners that trick your body to eat more

+  leads to dramatic increases in fat buildup

+ excessive sugar levels lead to “Mountain Dew Mouth” full of cavities. gross.

+accelerated aging from phosphates

+ soda cans are lined with BPA, which has been linked to infertility/obesity/diabetes

[Soda Solutions]

+ day drinking: mix water with fresh fruit to give you the taste without the crap

+ make spritzers of sparkling water and fruit to give you the effect of bubbles

+ night drinking: mix vodka with lime or lemon

Any other solutions you want to share to kick the ol’ soda habit? Share it.


2 thoughts on “Why Soda Sucks.

  1. Sadly, I grew up in a soda-drinking household. It was a habit that was difficult for several of my family members to kick, so we had it available to us all the time. Post college, however, I found that it was easy to “say no to soda” by following a simple rule: Don’t buy it! If it wasn’t in the house, I wouldn’t seek it out. At restaurants I order water because it is better for you and free! If I am ever in the mood for something effervescent, I do the sparkling water & fruit trick and, more recently, have treated myself sparingly with homemade {“Italian”-style”} soda, which does contain sugar but is made with real fruit & no scary ingredients. 🙂 Great post!

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