Healthy Instagram Inspiration.

Welcome to November; I can’t believe we are into the final two months of 2012! If you are like me you have been seriously avoiding the office candy dish all day today, as everyone brings in their leftover Halloween candy for other people to devour. I have managed to get through the day unscathed, with the exception of one mini vanilla Tootsie Roll this morning. After eating it, I was surprised to find the ingredients actually listed on the wrapper. The bad news? There’s nothing good in there… nothing. The good news? The list of sugar, corn syrup, partially hydrogenated soybean oil {REALLY bad for you}, and artificial flavor scared me away from wanting a second. At least chocolate has benefits! Next time I’ll go for something with chocolate in it now that I know how bad Tootsie Rolls really are.

Anyway, now that we are getting into the holidays, food temptations are abound. One way I like to help myself stay on track? Following healthy Instagrammers! You know you’re addicted to Instagram, so now make it healthy for you too. Following is a list of some of the healthy IG-ers I follow who regularly post their meals, workouts and motivational images. While you are checking them out, don’t forget to follow @hautehealthy!

I love @machaeladanielle’s adorable food posts. Not only is her food healthy, but great-looking too:

healthy people to follow on Instagram

Emma, the @clean_eating_addict might be my all-time fave {probably because she’s a pescatarian like me}:

healthy people to follow on Instagram

@ProjectHealthyBody documents her fitness journey via a variety of inspirational images:

healthy people to follow on Instagram

@mcbarao is the Instagram of a popular fitness model:

@The_Starving_Artist is another all-time fave of mine, and she’s great at answering your questions!

And last but not least, @skinnylatte_ has some GREAT meal ideas, along with their calorie counts!

Happy Instagramming!


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