Weekend Motivation.

It’s hard enough to get motivated to work out during the week so when the weekend comes around it becomes next to impossible. Especially when you are celebrating Halloween by drinking till 2 a.m. on roller skates. Yeah, I’m sure I will want to wake up early on Sunday and run my ass off. No thanks. The bf is going to be surfing all day Sunday thanks to this damn hurricane so my plan to get motivated is to look at these pictures {helloooo Ryan Gosling} and try to do something fitness related at some point during the day. Possibly yoga. In bed. IDK, does brunch count as a workout? I’m pretty sure there’s an argument for the health benefits of the motion of drinking a Bloody Mary. Here’s some motivation for us all:

[what a bum]

[Aussie fitness model, Ellie Gonsalves | check out her blog here]

How are you guys staying motivated this weekend? Share below. Also, hangover cures are welcome.


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