Fall Workout Wear: Target Kids.

On top of maintaining the two blogs I have, I probably read about a dozen other blogs on a daily basis and one of the reoccurring themes I have noticed is that many of the girls I follow swear by Target Kid’s for their workout wear. Not only is it cute and colorful, but it is cheaper than the women’s workout gear at Target so you save some extra money.

tank | pant | short | legwarmers | ties

From my experience, here are how the kid’s sizes translate to women’s sizes:

Kid’s XL (14-16) – Large Adult
Kid’s Large (10-12) – Medium Adult
Kid’s Medium (7-8) – Small Adult

Obviously, this is not a science so I recommend trying the kids wear on at your local Target but from my experience shopping in the Target kid’s department {usually for costumes!} I typically wear the Kid’s Medium and I wear an XS/Small in Adult. I went through the kid’s workout wear to create a board of the pieces I plan on trying on next time I’m at Target. How cute are the leg warmers?!

What do you guys think; are you willing to shop in the Target kid’s department for budget friendly workout wear? I am!


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