A Popcorn Revelation

Popcorn at its healthiest: something I discovered a few nights ago. For me, this is super exciting. Some people may already know this “secret” but for me it seemed like a breakthrough at the time.

healthy air-popped popcorn

After a few glasses of wine one night last week, I was craving dessert. I wanted something sweet. I had finished my dinner of a salad and portobello “pizza” mushrooms, and the wine was telling me that now it was time for something indulgent.

Being that it had been a week or so since I went grocery shopping, I had nothing in my house. Rummaging through the cabinets I came across a huge bag of popcorn kernels that had been tossed aside and to the back of the cabinet for quite a while. I had been waiting to buy some brown paper bags to place the kernels in and pop in the microwave. However, every time I would go to the store I would either forget to get the paper bags, or couldn’t find any.

Feeling desperate, and very hungry, I decided I’d find a way to make the popcorn without paper bags. I had never popped my own kernels before, as the ease of microwaveable 100-calorie packs of popcorn seems unbeatable. But, there’s been research showing that the microwaveable popcorn that you buy in the grocery store could have cancerous chemicals in them. The findings aren’t completely proven at this point, but you never know. If I can make my popcorn safer and healthier by buying my own brown bags to pop it in, I’ll do it.

So, with microwave popcorn out of the question for me, and no brown bags in sight, I got out a huge pot that I use to boil water for pasta. I portioned out 3 tablespoons of kernels (one serving) from the bag, poured them in the pot and covered with a lid. Turning on the burner, I had little hope. I set the heat to medium-high, and I waited. Within 2 minutes the kernels began popping! Genius, I had figured out a new method! {I came to find out afterward, via Google, that this miraculous method had been discovered already} Once the kernels finished popping I transferred them to a bowl and tossed with cinnamon, carob chips, walnuts and a drizzle of light agave. Sweet tooth satisfied, for less than 100 calories.

I may not be breaking completely new ground, but here’s what I learned that night:

  • You can “dry” air-pop kernels without any oils/butter {less calories leave more room for delicious toppings!}
  • You can make healthy popcorn with just kernels, a large pot and lid, and a stove
  • Buying a huge bag of kernels and portioning out one serving and popping that each time is insta-portion control AND super cheap – this bag will last me a few months and it was about $4. So much cheaper than the 100-calorie microwave packs!

homemade popcorn with toppings

Did you know that you could make popcorn this way? What are your favorite popcorn toppings? Let us know!


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