August 2012 Playlist.

Unfortunately, the weather is having a moment down here in South Florida {thanks Isaac} so simple things like grocery shopping and running outside are difficult. Plus, when the weather is gloomy it makes it so much harder to motivate yourself to workout when all you want to do is lay in bed watching Sex and the City reruns {or maybe that’s just me?}. I thought maybe some new tunes would help motivate us all to put aside some time to work out tonight and keep us motivated through the week.

Side Note: Is anyone else taking part in the Tone It Up Beach Week? K & K put together an entire schedule of workouts to complete this week to help finish August strong, lean & clean. We are starting tomorrow because of the weather, but  let us know if you are joining so we can share the experience together.

Good Time – Owl City {a little overplayed right now but an upbeat workout song}

My Body – Young the Giant 

Radioactive – Marina & the Dimaonds

This Head I hold – Electric Guest { I am OBSESSED with this song}

Adorable – Trouble Andrew

Kelly – Van She

Take You Higher – Goodwill & Hook N Sling

So Rich, So Pretty – Mickey Avalon

Punkrocker – Teddybears


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