Healthy Nutrition Bar Breakdown.

Has your morning routine been reduced to throwing on clothes, brushing your teeth, and running out the door with a cup of coffee {if you’re lucky}? Well luckily there is a slew of effortlessly nutritious bars out there that provide the kick-start we need for the morning without all the extra additives, sugar and fat. The trick? Knowing which one to pick. See the handy chart below!

Best nutrition bars: Larabar, Luna Bar, KIND Bar, Kashi Protein Bar, Special K bar

1. Larabar is my absolute favorite nutrition bar. Does it get any better than two ingredients? These are all-natural, nothing is added, and you can definitely pronounce everything on the ingredient list: cashews and dates.

2. No dairy, no GMO’s, and gluten-free? Yes please. These bars are pretty much foolproof. And with 10g of protein and less than 200 calories, they are the perfect anytime-snack.

3. LUNA bars are also a great choice, and delicious too {Nutz Over Chocolate is my fave}. Containing 70% organic ingredients these bars do have a longer ingredient list, but they are high in calcium, antioxidants, and folic acid and do not use genetically modified ingredients.

4. At first glance Kashi GoLean bars might seem like a healthy choice, but if you delve into the ingredients you can see that the second one listed is evaporated cane juice and that it contains 19g of {mostly added} sugar. The verdict? There are healthier options out there.

5. These Special K Protein bars are the lowest in calories on our list, but that does not make them a good option. The first ingredient is sugar and the second is partially hydrogenated oil {a huge no}. Skip these in favor of one of the healthier choices above.


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