Motivational Tips to Make Yourself Run in the Morning.

I have never been a morning person {I usually hit snooze about 3 times} so when I started the Tone It Up Five Day Slimdown last week it was a bit of a challenge for me to wake up at 6:30am for a 30 minute jog each day…but I did it and it felt great. I even kept doing it after my five days were up. So what was the key to my success? Well, for me there were actually three:

1. I made myself go to bed earlier every night. I used to be one of those people who stayed up online shopping until 2am, but now I fall asleep around 11 {which is really early for me!}. This has been good not only for my waistline but also for my wallet.

2. I set a personalized iPhone message to my morning alarm to help motivate my butt out of bed {see image below for inspiration}. The bf might look at you like you’re crazy/egotistical for telling yourself you’re beautiful every morning but make your message your own and work it!

3. I set out my workout clothes at night so I could easily slip them on in the morning. This way I didn’t have to rummage around and give up.

I hope these tips help motivate you to turn in a little earlier, make yourself silly iPhone messages and plan ahead for what you will wear so you can wake up early to get your run in. If you have any additional motivational tips you use, feel free to share them in the comments below!


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