Tone It Up 5 Day Slim Down.

We have mentioned these girls before but we really LOVE the Tone It Up beach babes Karena + Katrina who have their own Tone It Up nutrition plan, community, workout videos and so much more. In an effort to detox and cleanse our bodies {K has an upcoming reunion!}, me and K are partaking in the Tone It Up 5 Day Slim Down (5DSD), which is part of their Nutrition Plan that we just purchased. The 5DSD is a natural food challenge that consists of a bombshell spell, morning booty call + afternoon toning workout along with eating lean, clean + green for the five days.
We love the plan because there are no processed foods, added sweeteners, cheese or meat {we chose the pescatarian plan!}. The 5 day slim down gives your body a break from processed foods, slims and tones you up by a few pounds, gets rid of bloat and resets your system so you feel light and refreshed…just what we need! If any of you are partaking in the 5DSD challenge share your comments below and let us know how you are staying Haute + Healthy this week!
{preview of our lunch today!}

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