Stay Haute + Healthy on a Budget.

We don’t believe you need to join a gym or pay a personal trainer to get your fitness on and want to share with you how we stay Haute + Healthy on a budget. So skip those annoying monthly gym fees and get creative with budget-friendly options for your wallet and your figure!

Use sites like Living Social + Groupon for deals on local workout classes. In the past few months we have tried bootcamp, hot yoga and Barre Class thanks to sites like these and the best part is there is no commitment in case you don’t love the class.

Check if your cable provider has a free exercise channel on your TV. In South Florida we have Comcast, who provides free exercise videos onDemand. The workouts are separated by type of exercise {yoga, cardio, etc.} and all of them can be done in comfort of your own living room.

YouTube has millions of workout videos you can do at home if you don’t have cable {this one applies to me!}. The ToneItUp girls have tons of amazing workout videos for free on YouTube to try!

Tear out workouts from your fave health magazines, grab a friend and work it out. Enjoy a glass of wine after.

Form your own workout class with your coworkers or girlfriends and head to a local park or beach. Each person can take turns teaching the class, and make sure to run to and from class together and you’ll be fit for free in no time!

Pinterest has exercises, recipes & workout videos you can Pin to your Haute + Healthy board to print or watch later. Make sure to check out our Haute + Healthy boards!

Not having money is not an excuse for not working out, there are so many free options we can use to stay fit without having to commit to a gym. Whatever you do, we want to help you stay Haute + Healthy and on a budget to boot. {Hey, they don’t call me thebudgetista for nothing!} If you have additional fitness tips on a budget, feel free to share them below.


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