Key Lime Pie Parfait Recipe.

It was my turn to make dinner the other night and instead of having a freakout I used Pinterest for inspiration and settled on Portobello Mushroom Pizzas + a version of Key Lime Pie. My goal was to create a healthy version of Key Lime Pie using Greek yogurt and natural ingredients. This recipe only took minutes to make, tasted pretty close to key lime pie and I even taught myself how to zest limes!

In a bowl mix the greek yogurt, sugar, and vanilla extract. Then squeeze 1 and a ½ limes into the mix. Zest half a lime and stir into the mixture. After you mix the ingredients let it sit in the fridge for a bit to solidify to become more like pie. Using cute glasses {I used my Bethtini martini glasses} add 2 Tbsp of Ezekiel whole grain Almond cereal {you can buy this at Publix} to the bottom of each glass. Top with the greek yogurt mix + put a drizzle of honey on the top along with some lime zest and you are good to go!


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